Why having a maternity photoshoot is important

Being pregnant is a unique, miraculous and life-changing experience. Each stage is precious and can produce so many different feelings. From the pregnancy test, to the first doctor’s appointment, up until the final days before your due date. Your body is in a constant state of transformation, and it’s something you must have documented. You will never regret having a maternity photoshoot, even if you are feeling shy, having low self-confidence, or even worried about the cost.

Why? Because, it can truly make you feel like a goddess! 
Maternity Photoshoot in Nicosia, Cyprus
You won’t be pregnant forever!

Sure, there are hard times that you are just tired of being pregnant, and you can’t count the days left to be able to hold your baby. It’s challenging to watch your body change so much, but there will come a time when you might miss having that baby bump. Imagine looking through your maternity photos 1 year after giving birth. How do you believe you will feel?

You will remember how wonderful it was, to be able to create and grow life. To be able to feel its every hiccup and every kick. That connection between you and your growing baby is priceless. And let me tell you something. Your pregnancy will fly by faster than you think! Having the memory of this period and most importantly, having photographs that highlight your pregnancy glow and baby bump will always make you smile with nostalgia.

We mostly forget more than we remember. 

You might think that having a big belly is a reason to avoid being photographed. But that’s so far from the truth! You must want to celebrate the baby bump, celebrate the little human growing inside you. The right maternity photographer will make you feel at ease, by knowing how to capture your most flattering angles and how to guide you and your partner. Just imagine the confidence boost you will experience, after seeing how stunning you look in your photos. After all, it’s a great excuse to pay extra attention to yourself and your appearance and wear something beautiful. 

maternity photography cyprus
Maternity Photoshoot in Limassol, Cyprus

I mentioned earlier that your partner should participate in your photoshoot. It will result in the most wonderful photographs of you two. It will strengthen your bond even more. Perhaps, it’s that little magical break from the stress of daily life that you need. Remember, you created this new life, together! Not to mention that it’s the last chance to document your evolution, from couple to family. Also, a maternity photoshoot can help your partner feel more connected to the baby you are carrying, don’t forget they aren’t physically attached to it, like you are. 

And what if you have another child?

You should absolutely have them participate in the photoshoot. It’s a great opportunity for them to adjust to becoming a sibling and understand that a new addition to the family is on their way. Taking photos with mummy and daddy will get the child excited! 

Family Photoshoot Cyprus
Maternity Photoshoot in Limassol, Cyprus
As the years go by, you will cherish your maternity photoshoot even more.

Your maternity photographs are just as important as your wedding day, you are welcoming a new member to the family, and you will never have this exact moment again. Your children will love seeing how fabulous their mummy looked when she was pregnant with them. It will be a remarkable way to see themselves in you. 

Every pregnant woman should think about scheduling a maternity photoshoot. Time passes quickly, whether we realise it or not. These precious periods don’t last as long as we believe they do. Your baby’s maternity photoshoot will be a wonderful gift and heirloom to them, and even something they will show to their children. This is the magic of documenting moments with photography. Moments that can be passed down to generations. Family heirlooms. 

Couple maternity photoshoot
Maternity Photoshoot in Limassol, Cyprus
Let’s create your family’s heirlooms together.
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