The best Valentine’s Couple Photoshoot Guide

I am one of those who believe that you shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show your love and appreciation to your significant other. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t celebrate your love like it’s an anniversary or something equivalent. A fantastic way to celebrate your love is with a Valentine’s Couple Photoshoot. That is why I have decided to host a couple photoshoot giveaway and create this couple photoshoot prep guide. 

The giveaway will start running on my social media on February 1st. The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day on my stories. If you live in Cyprus and want to participate, go ahead and follow me on Instagram. Either you enter the giveaway or not, this guide is applicable to you and every couple in the world who wishes for stunning photos.

So what are the crucial things you need to pay attention to?

Valentine's couple photoshoot in snow
Engagement Photoshoot in Troodos
Location Location Location

Of course, your setting and background for your photoshoot is probably the most important decision for sensational photos. The location needs to be something that reflects you as a couple. Are you adventurous? Perhaps go for a photoshoot in the snowy mountains or cycling in the rain. Are you romantic? Go for a vibrant sunset picnic by the beach. Do you want to do something different? Try a pillow-fight in your bedroom. Have a pet? Why not include it in the photos. There are so many available options. You just need to find what best suits you. 

The golden hour

It’s no secret that I always advise my clients to have their photos just before sunset, where we can utilise the amazing soft light of the golden hour. This is especially crucial in Cyprus, where the sun is usually intensely bright earlier than this time. Of course, if you are planning to have an indoor photoshoot, this may not be an issue for you.

sunset couple photoshoot cyprus
Couple Photoshoot in Paphos
What should you wear?

I get asked this so many times, and the answer is this… Well, it depends on your style, what makes you feel comfortable and what matches your photoshoot location. I don’t have rules for this, but please avoid wearing clothes with lettering and stamps, as that distracts from the subject. Your love. Also be mindful of your pattern and colour selections. One could wear black and the other white for a more contrasting result. Maybe both could wear neutral colours and jeans. Even sweatpants or pyjamas can work if they match your chill personality and concept. 

couple photoshoot by the beach
Couple Photoshoot in Limassol
Stand out with props

As I previously mentioned, you could have a picnic or incorporate your pet in the photoshoot for a more unique result. There are many props you could use to differentiate this photo session. It might be a great way to announce a pregnancy while holding a baby item, pregnancy test or sonogram. If you want more information on a Maternity Photoshoot check out this post.

maternity couple photoshoot
Couple/Maternity Photoshoot in Limassol

It can be a great time to propose since you are already prepped for a photoshoot and one person just happens to kneel and well… propose! I’m sure we all want real-time photos from our proposal and not those staged after the fact shots. If you are already engaged, then your ring can be another prop. Fairy-lights can also be used to add a more dreamy look. Bringing a blanket and snuggling in front of the sea could make for super cosy photos. Naturally, flowers and chocolates never go out of style. If one of you has a music background, bringing an instrument to the photoshoot will most certainly make it extraordinary. Balloons and sparkles are also great props. 

Do you need a Professional Photographer?

If you have put all this effort to prepare for your photoshoot and chose to skip the photographer, then it’s a real shame. Making use of the light, the best angles of you, the best part of your location and the right use of your props requires a professional approach by an established photographer. And no, your friend or cousin who might know how to shoot selfies is not ideal for this job. 

cyprus photographer
Gina Nicolaou photo-shooting a couple in Limassol

At the end of the day, all of these are your decisions to make with your partner, just make sure you choose what best depicts your relationship and create amazing memories. After all, that’s what photography is all about, capturing your moments to be able to revisit them again and again in the future. 

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